PCB Layout and Design

MPL provides our customers with a strong network of PCBA Design Houses and offers varying capabilities depending on the industry. We have a long history of high-quality product application and excellent levels of dependability as a supplier, so you can be confident that your printed circuit boards will be designed to meet all of your needs.

Standard PCB Layout and Design Services

Design for Manufacturability, which is a pre-production process, and Design for Testing are two practices utilized across all of our Design House partners to avoid costly mistakes in the full production phase. MPL prioritizes excellence in manufacturing, and our focus on intentional PCB Layout and Design shows as we maintained an outstandingly low RMA percentage of .02% during 2020 and .01% for Q1 and Q2 thus far in 2021.

PCB Engineering Services: Communication from Start to Finish

MPL’s strong communication skills allow for a superior level of collaboration and information sharing, both of which are necessary for successful PCB designs and layouts. Uninterrupted communication between MPL and its trusted partners ensures an efficient electronic component manufacturing process, and ultimately results in outstanding final products that will endure in the field.

One-Stop Shop for PCB Layout and Design Services

From PCB Design and Layout to Full Production and everything in between, MPL will handle all steps of the manufacturing process. As a one-stop shop, we allow our customers to process their entire order “under the same roof,” from PCB production to various service options. Avoid any lost in translation moments that occur when working with separate entities for your design, prototyping, and full production needs by choosing MPL and our comprehensive PCB layout and design services!

Design and Layout Service from a Low Maintenance PCB Supplier

We are often told by our customers that their reason for selecting MPL has to do with our notable process control system and the exceptional quality of our circuit board assembly services. As a result, our customers have said that MPL is the kind of low-maintenance supplier they prefer to do business with. These features are what differentiates MPL from other circuit board assembly service providers. Discover the industry-leading service that numerous customers already benefit from and contact MPL today for all of your printed circuit board needs!