PCB Assembly for Transportation

MPL serves a multitude of different industries with our PCB assembly services, including the transportation industry. The transportation industry has evolved significantly over the years, and PCB assembly techniques have evolved with it. Explore the many ways MPL has served, and continues to serve, this industry below:

PCB Assembly for the Transportation Industry in Action

MPL put our skills to use when a transportation industry leader in Western New York that provides expert solutions for improving operational efficiencies in the world's freight and transit rail industries required PCB assembly. They stated that their goal was to provide "Best of Class" rail switch and signal components to their customers and were in need of a manufacturer that could match their standards for quality. 

This customer was looking for a single circuit board supplier that could produce a wide variety of boards in small quantities, and do so in a cost-efficient manner. MPL, with our wide range of manufacturing processes, machines and skilled personnel, has been able to meet these needs for 20 years!

Explore the Many Applications for PCB Assembly within the Transportation Industry

As the global demand for technologically advanced transportation-related products increases, MPL has continued to innovate, producing high-speed and complex PCB designs that often serve multi-functional purposes. Regardless of the specifications your board design requires, MPL can manufacture to your needs—either in prototype or full-volume production runs.

From PCB assemblies for GPS tracking devices that require extra memory space, to train system communication products that are more complex assemblies with a higher degree of manufacturing ability, the options for our services are limitless. Driverless cars will also become more prevalent as innovation in the transportation industry continues, and when they do, MPL will provide the expert PCB assembly services needed to keep them running.

Quality PCB Assembly Serve Within the Transportation Industry

Every industry served by MPL benefits from our thorough quality standards for PCB assembly, including the transportation industry. Backed by recent data from 2020, which stated that our RMA percentage was only .02% and our on-time delivery rate was 99.5%, MPL is a safe manufacturer to trust with your PCB Assembly order.